Operation & Maintenance

Independent Engineer during Operation & Maintenance

AICONS has a brilliant track record of providing Independent Engineer services during Operation & Maintenance to BOT projects of National Highways.

• Road Maintenance – Emergency Routine, Periodic, Emergency/ Disaster and Incident Management.
• Traffic Management – Incident Management, Enforcement of regulations in consultation the concerned authorities, hazard response, information gathering and dissemination, Road Patrols and Surveillance.
• Safety Accident Prevention, aftercare, user behaviour, education, Enforcement, Data Collection and Analysis.
• Facility Management – Periodic Inspection, Routine Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Expansion Planning
• Road Property Management – Management of Access, Exit, Encroachments and Ribbon Development.
• All Fee Collection – Provision of the appropriate equipment and system, revenuers’ collection, Administration and Auditing.
• Control of National Highway (Land and Traffic) and Land Management and Road Infrastructure
• Maintenance and Upkeep of Wayside Amenities, Highway Buildings, Equipment’s and Machinery
• Arboriculture, Road Safety, Levy and Collection of User Fee (Toll)
• Reporting Requirements, Safety Impact Assessment, Road Inventory Survey and Traffic Survey
• Proper management of the short-term Improvements & Routine Maintenance Contract in total confirmation to the performance criteria.
• Comprehensive supervision of the project implementation activities carried out by the contractor to ensure complete compliance with respect to technical specifications and various stipulations contained in the Contract documents.
• Comprehensive reporting of Compliance / Noncompliance of all the activities of the Contractor.
• To prepare proposals and engineering designs of upgradation works (engineering improvement works) including detailed up-gradation project report and supervision of the up-gradation works of the corridor undertaken by the contractor.
• To monitor effective functioning of Toll Plaza