Design Services

Topographic Survey Instruments

With avant-garde measuring instruments like ROMDAS, topographic survey instruments like LiDAR, Total Stations, DGPS, etc. and modern software packages, like MX Road, Civil 3D etc. available with trained human resources, AICONS’s highway division is fully-equipped to address all complex design scenarios. With expertise in Land Acquisition and Utility Relocation works, this division uses the latest version of HDMIV for the economic evaluation of highway projects. Our planners and engineers are fully capable to address all possible scenarios, terrain, soil conditions, environmental and social impacts, extreme temperature variations and other issues, to meet our client's every requirement.

Our design services include the following:
• Topographic Surveys, Inventory Studies of Roads and Bridges.
• Condition Surveys of Roads and Bridges.
• Topo-surveys along existing Alignment using Mobile LiDAR Technology.
• Traffic Surveys and Demand Assessment.
• Economic and Financial Analysis.
• Detailed Design of Highways, Pavements, Bridges and Other Structures.
• Land Acquisition Reports, Digitalized the Cadastral Maps.
• Maps on Alignment for Proposed Lane Acquisition Plans.
• Carried out the Identification of Underground Utilities using Ground Penetration Radar (GPR).
• Social Survey and Preparation of IPSA, EIA/EMP, R&R, Studies.
• Preparation of Road Safety Audit During design.
• Preparation of Utility Estimates Costing.
• Preparation of BOQ and Cost Estimates including Rate Analysis.
• Final Detailed Project Report and Final Drawings.
• Preparation of All Types of Bid Document and Schedules