Bridges and Structures

AICONS proudly excels in designing, construction supervision and independent engineering of various innovative road bridges, ROBs, flyovers, interchanges and underpasses. The expertise includes designing various forms of superstructures using reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete for solid slab, girder and slab, box girder, (simply supported as well as continuous over straight, skew and curved alignment) steel composite type and steel truss type superstructure.

AICONS also designs special types of bridges having long spans using extradosed, balanced cantilever type arrangement with incremental launching system and segmental box girder. Till today, AICONS has designed more than 600 bridges, flyovers and other structures with an aggregate length of more than 20,000m. In addition, AICONS uses internationally accepted software such as STAAD PRO, ADAPT, etc. for designing and other works.

AICONS also specializes in inventorisation, condition survey, inspection, testing and preparing repair and rehabilitation plans for heavy structures.