Independent Engineer / Independent Consultant

Authority and the Concessionaires

AICONS has an excellent track record of providing Independent Consulting services to BOT projects of National Highways. The range of services cover the following:
• To act independently and on behalf of the Authority and the Concessionaires to review all activities associated with design, construction and O&M to ensure compliance of requirements of Concession Agreement in order to have a sound project.
• To monitor and check the quality of works to the extent specified in the Concession Agreement.
• Perform and review quality control tests.
• To supervise that all the requirements of the concession agreement and various schedules are met by the concessionaire.
• To review and approve the works programme of the concessionaire. • To report to Authority on the financial and technical aspects of the project.
• To assist the parties to the Concession Agreement in arriving at amicable settlement of disputes.
• To evolve MIS and provide to Authority.
• To direct the concessionaire in all matters concerning construction safety<
• To issue completion certificates.