The Strength Inside Aicons, The Power Behiend its vision

Multidisciplinary Engineering Company
Established in 2008, Incorporated in 2011
The total staff strength exceeds 300 numbers
Organization growing rapidly with each passing day
Well-established inter-division coordination for the execution of integrated projects
Use of state-of-the-art equipment and internationally recognized software for design, drafting, project management and communication
Strict adherence to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policies
AICONS's active teams plan and implement innovative, ingenuine and cost-effective solutions for a variety of engineering and project management challenges by:
Offering one-stop-destination from feasibility to completion
Providing high-level strategic advice based on extensive knowledge of infrastructure project
Applying experience gained from a wide portfolio of project
Commitment to quality, accuracy and delivery

Furthermore, stating about the nuances of our work, we have a vast experience of Detailed Project Reporting on various Highway Projects under ADB/BOQ/BOT/DBFOT/Annuity, Highway Projects under NHAI, NHIDCL & other states. PWD, and RO Offices as well as various urban infrastructure projects under IHSDP, UIDSSMT, JNNURM, SWM. Our portfolio boasts Data Collection, Field Surveying, Analysis of Present Needs, Cost estimation with Implementation of the Scheme.

Collaborators, Associates and Supporting Hands .Even the experts appreciate a helping hand. Over the years, AICONS has collaborated and formed long-term trustworthy joint ventures with globally renowned Civil Engineering Consultants and Specialists. These unshakeable alliances make it possible for AICONS to serve its clients. needs of special expertise and render international-level services. The alliances often supplement specific and specialized expertise for projects while enhancing bidding value due to their fast-track record. Thus, AICONS, which is always committed to delivering top-notch quality services, has produced continuous availability of global specialist expertise and resources for clients, and while doing so it always grabs any opportunity to absorb the latest technological advancements.